About Us

Deals, Coupons, Discounts and other unique perks…

Dorm Deals is the premier app that links any business to thousands of college students in their area. We have gone lean and green. Gone is the need for endless coupons and flyers. Lets face it we all know that most college kids struggle financially when it comes to rent, food, beverages and basic essentials. So we have made advertising to them super affordable so that they could enjoy the savings and benefits you choose to offer to them for a super low price.

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Dorm Deals is marketing software designed and created with businesses in mind. Our exclusive software was created for a business, to connect with students in a real time and cost-efficient way. Create your Dorm Deals listing today so you can have direct access to our customer base and keep them informed of any specials, discounts, or events at your place of business.


Student Benefits

You will have the opportunity to offer students a benefit for your business. It can be anything from a discount, to a free gift, whatever you can think of!


Red Hot Deals

A Red Hot Deal is a special benefit that you can offer to your loyal student customers. It should be a great deal for a more limited time. We advertise Red Hot Deals to logged in Consumers, and on your city’s page.


Business Benefits

These are benefits that you can offer to other local business owners who are also members with Dorm Deals. You can post your benefit for them, and use the benefits that they offer.


Birthday Blitz

Birthday Blitz is another type of benefit that you can offer to students. You can choose a special benefit that students will be able to use on their Birthday only.



Our Rental Platform “Rent Our Pad” allows you to list your property for users to rent. You can add photos and list all the amenities for students to browse.



From our very own travel agency students will receive exclusive deals on spring break travel and other special opportunities.



With our event feature, you can list events that your business or non profit are throwing. Our student and faculty members in your area will be able to see what’s going on in town and you’ll get the attention you deserve!


Student Resale

Students can list, sell or buy things that they want. This is exclusively internal to students so that they work together to solve their needs



With our SMS tool, you can reach students in a whole new way! For an additional fee, you can send out text message offers to all student members who sign up to receive them.



With our Video tool, you can upload your own commercial, promotion, testimonials, or any other video that you have to your listing for students to see.