Work With Us

Who are we?

Dorm Deals is a dedicated service for connecting you, the college student, to the businesses that sell what you can’t live without and more! Whether it is necessities like food, school supplies, hygiene materials, tech gadgets, a round of mini golf OR movie tickets. We have you covered! BUT, With the vast amount of college towns in the U.S, it is nearly impossible for us to do this alone. So we thought… why only bring you deals when we can bring you a job too!

Become an Entrepreneur!

  1. Get paid commission for each sale and with the ability to dictate the business subscription cost you will have the freedom to maximize your profits!
  2. Set your own schedule, work when and how you want!
  3. Unlimited earning opportunity!
  4. Top sellers will win prizes including but not limited to money towards tuition, all expense paid trips and even a Ford Fiesta!
  5. Top sorority’s or fraternity’s can win cash prizes for parties, house improvements or whatever!
  6. Easy and free signup!

What we are looking for!

  1. Business/ sales minded people
  2. Self motivated and self directed
  3. Respectful and dedicated, REMEMBER you represent Dorm Deals!
  4. The desire to make money!

So you want to become a partner now? This is how you start

  1. Fill out the form below
  2. Tell us what city you are in and let us know why you want to join us! No resume required, but welcomed!
  3. Each business partner will connect with one of our staff to help guide you through start up and assist you along the way with kind service and general marketing material!
  4. After receiving your partnership credentials you will be able to go out and make your first sale!
  5. After you make your first sale you will receive your first commission check in the mail.
  6. After your first check you will receive checks Bi-Monthly as long as you have made a sale during the last pay period.

What are you waiting for? Join us today!

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