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Dorm Deals is the premier app linking businesses to thousands of college students in their area. Gone is the need for endless coupons and flyers, Dorm Deals is lean and green. Lets face it, we all know that most college students struggle financially when it comes to rent, food, and basic essentials. It’s for this reason that Dorm Deals has made advertising to them excitingly affordable. We have a way for students to access your chosen savings and benefits right at their fingertips, all while keeping your marketing budget in mind.

You will have the opportunity to offer students a benefit to use at your business. It can be anything from a discount, to a free gift, whatever you can think of!

Daily Deals
As the name suggests these deals are only available on special days of your choosing. Typically these deals are better than a standard deal. Give your business an early week boost or attract more people on your slow days!

Red Hot Deals
This type of deal is for a limited time no greater than 24 hours. Businesses can use this type of deal to clear inventory for new stock.

Birthday Blitz Deals
As a business, you can offer special deals for student’s birthdays. When that special day comes, the students will be notified to check out the special birthday offers from local businesses.

With our SMS tool, you can reach students in a whole new way! For an additional fee, you can send out text message offers to all student members who sign up to receive them.

Mobile Pop-Up Billboards
When your business is one among many, you can still stand out and get your deals in front of the students who would enjoy your product or services. Your deals on Dorm Deals will automatically show up as push notifications on a students phone when he or she is near your business. This means you dont have to worry about if the people walking past your business are aware of your deals. With Dorm Deals, you know students walking past are seeing your deals!

Dorm Storms
Dorm Storms are curated pop up events that will be marketed directly to Dorm Deals users via our application and website. Partnering with local establishments to construct an event that promotes brand awareness for both your business and Dorm Deals. All that is needed is a deal or promotion exclusive to your event and Dorm Deals will handle the marke?ng. Dorm Deals representatives will be present at every event to recruit and inform new users.

Dorm Deals is only a fraction of the cost compared to traditional marketing and has the potential to bring in new business. Sign up today!


  • Increase business during slow times
  • Promote directly to college students nationwide
  • Easy to use platform
  • Manage offers at multiple store locations

Only $100 first year and then $149/year after.

Dorm Deals