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Dorm Deals is the Premier service that aims to connect local and national businesses who want to provide discounts to YOU the college student. Our service makes it easy for you to find discounts and deals across a wide array of categories hand selected to best fit a students needs and ultimately save some money!

How to use it:
Log in, Find a deal for something that you need or want, bring you phone to the store, show the clerk your phone and get the discount, its that simple!

What Kind of Discounts?
There are 4 types of discounts businesses can provide that you should be aware of;
Standard Deal: This is the most common deal you will see on dorm deals and will consist of mostly
% discounts, typically lasting for more then a few weeks.

Daily Deals
As the name suggests these deals are only available on special days chosen by the businesses. Typically these deals are better then a standard deal.

Red Hot Deals
This type of deal is for a limited time no greater then 24 hours, so you better act fast! Businesses typically use this type of deal to clear inventory for new stock so, you will find the best deals here. But remember you will have to check daily and act quickly to secure these type of deals.

Birthday Blitz Deals
This deal is for your special day. That is right, your birthday. Once a year on your birthday you will be able to use a one time deal from businesses who offer it. This could include a free drink, half off dinner and much more!

Though discounts and deals are the main reason to use dorm deals, its not the only reason. We have created a reward system that allows you to earn points for doing things like; using discounts, sharing discounts on social media, letting us know your deal worked, signing up other users using your referral code and simply logging in! If you want to know more about this reward program click HERE to get to rewards explanation page.

Dorm Deals is only $2.50 a month or $25 per year and can save you Much Much more.


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